Everyone can sing!
Ever dreamed of being able to sing your favourite song to entertain yourself or others?

Jan believes everyone can improve their singing voice. She specializes in helping people, young and old alike, come “out of the closet” and into the limelight!

First, she uses her special Subconscious Clearing method to clear the deep-seated fears and doubt. Then the rest is easy! – it merely involves learning some simple techniques. These ARE secrets to singing well, and Jan will reveal them to you, as well as provide you with inexpensive, modern technology to help you achieve your goals.

Why not give it a try?

Singing is SO much fun!
And it’s an important expression of who we all are inside.

*Can be done in person or online

Mark Lewis

Hertfordshire, England

“Jan’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious, ensuring our sessions were light and fun. Her finely attuned ear and deep understanding of music ensured a robust technical basis to our work together. After our 4 sessions together I had gained the understanding and inspiration necessary to continue my practice alone.”


London, England

“I had a strong desire to sing, even though I had been shamed about my voice and told I couldn’t carry a tune…just give up, they all said. But Jan helped clear all my fear and doubt about singing, and then taught me some solid technique. Not boring either. It’s amazing because singing is so much fun, and I missed out on it all my life. I wish I would have found her sooner!”