Aside from singing, this is Jan’s favourite work, because the results are so freeing, so much so that it can be life-changing. She has countless stories of people who embarked on a whole new life, once their fears, traumas, and doubts were “erased” from their subconscious programming. We are energetic beings (now proven by science) and that’s why these traumas are so easy to clear.

Ever wonder why your actions don’t match your conscious beliefs and goals?
That’s because the subconscious Mind is 90% in control, and you are unconscious of what beliefs it contains. These beliefs, manifested as energy blocks, can be cleared very quickly and easily.
Everyone these days is very highly programmed, stemming from early childhood, adult traumas, society, and even the media. With Subconscious Clearing, you can install the default programs running that YOU choose, helping you manifest the LIFE that you choose.
During this process, you are 100% conscious, and 100% in control, and we work together to help you achieve your goals. It’s safe, fast, and effective.
What’s holding YOU back?

Can be done in person OR online.


Jenice McAlevy

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

“I think it’s wonderful to work with Jan on Subconscious issues. She’s like a beacon that helps shine light on one’s issues so that they can be freed up from the body-mind connection…The process is simple, and she creates a safe space to work in…if you’re debating using this modality, give it a try! What do you have to lose? Except a non-workable story, some stuck-ness, worry, concern, or emotional pain.“




“I highly recommend Jan’s subconscious clearing modality. It has radically altered my life and has been such a liberation it’s hard to quantify. The beauty of it is in its simplicity, as well as personal empowerment. Jan is a facilitator I felt at ease with sharing whatever came up that needed clearing, and her own experiences and understanding of the process lend tremendous insights and wisdom to the experience. It’s done with genuine care but without my feeling uncomfortable or personally intruded upon in the least, helping me over very big hurdles with actual ease. Quite remarkable and genuinely empowering and liberating is the best way I can summarize my experience.”