Courtesy of Maya Choi

Jan is a curious Aquarian soul who has spent most of her life investigating the new, different, and useful.

This journey took her to pursue a Massage Therapy license in the early 80’s; Art, Dance, Singing, Languages, and a Business Degree in the 90’s, and many Subconscious Clearing methods in the early 2000’s.

Most recently she became certified in the practice of BioAcoustics Technology, exploring the use of sound to ascertain and correct health problems in the body. But throughout her life, music has been the primal Spark of Joy, and at this point, she has chosen to place it at the top of her priority list.

Yes, she is still available for you for all the offerings on this website, but book early, because if she’s got a gig or a rehearsal, you might have to wait an extra day or two for your massage!